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    At Eminence Technology Solutions our experience and expertise in the field of information technology enables us to view client problems from multiple perspectives. Our industry specific knowledge gives us a major advantage when analyzing the factors that effect client performance in key IT related areas.    

    Our Vision

    When addressing the IT needs of our clients, we focus on four main factors that enable us to ensure lasting value for our clients and provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage over their main competitors. These four factors are:

  • People – We analyze our clients’ employees to identify any key areas that may be improved to produce more efficient employee IT performance
  • Processes – We assess the IT processes currently employed by our clients to determine if they may be improved in any way
  • Marketing – We evaluate the IT specific marketing techniques used by our clients and suggest alternative methods that will optimize exposure and increase revenue
  • Technology – We examine the technology our clients use and determine if any alternative cost saving options are available Our proven approach and superior technical expertise take our clients beyond incremental change to world-class performance.
  • Our Trust

    At Eminence Technology Solutions we believe that excellence in the design, development, management and delivery of our clients’ initiatives are the keys to producing successful new products and services, effective business change and continuous improvement within any organization.

    A core belief at Eminence Technology Solutions is the belief in genuine collaboration. Central to this belief is the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and business partners which allow us to:

  • Understand the mission and core objectives of each individual client
  • Build open, highly communicative work environments
  • Transfer essential skills and knowledge to client teams
  • Our core beliefs and approach to working with our clients and business partners ensures that the benefits of working with Eminence Technology Solutions continue to be realized long after a project is complete.